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Kent’s sunny climate and fertile soils mean that farming has always been at the heart of rural life here.

Hadlow Place Farm tractor
Hadlow Place Farm apple orchard

In our corner of Kent, farming is now centred on fruit farming and arable crops. The farming business is based at Hadlow Place Farm, between Golden Green and Tudeley. As a rural business we are proud to continue to provide agricultural employment in the area.

Our ongoing investment in the farm in Hadlow has seen the building of new fruit coldstores, as well as the laying of hedgerows, and planting of wind breaks and trees. We are also working on soil improvements around the farm, with an emphasis on enriching its organic content.

Arable farming on the Hadlow Estate
Bee hives on Hadlow Place Farm

Whilst our land is farmed using state of the art machinery and modern methods, we carefully manage it from a conservation and stewardship standpoint.  We believe that is vital to maintain the character and ecology of the rural landscape, in harmony with productivity.

Across Hadlow Place Farm we encourage biodiversity through set aside areas, wide field margins and field corners seeded with over-winter bird seed mixes to support yellow hammer, grey partridge, turtledoves, finches as well as other flora and fauna.

Wood pigeon
Common cuckoo

Elsewhere across the Estate we have established a heathland regeneration scheme, near Sandhill, Pembury, supported by a Higher Level Environmental Stewardship Grant. Results have been promising with the return of woodlarks and tree pipits.

Domestic canary
Farm in Hadlow
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