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Orchard Blossom on Hadlow Farm
Fruit pickers working on Hadlow Place Farm

The farm grows more than 20 million apples and pears each year from 200 acres of orchards.  Seeing the Hadlow Farm orchards in bloom is one of the highlights of our farming year, followed a few months later by a busy harvest, which can last up to six weeks.

The main varieties we grow are the well-known favourites Gala, Bramley, Cox and Golden Delicious apples, and Comice and Conference pears. All our fruit is graded and packed locally at Five Oak Green and then sent to the supermarkets.

Many popular brands of apple juice, cider and cider vinegar contain fruit from Hadlow Place Farm orchards.

We maintain an ongoing planting and replanting programme of our orchards – continuing a long tradition of fruit growing in Kent.

Hadlow Farm orchards apple harvest
Fruit farming on Hadlow Place Farm
Hadlow Farm apple trees
Hadlow Place Farm orchards
Beekeeping hives
Apple collection
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