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Oast farm on The Hadlow Estate
Residential property in Hadlow

The Estate has played an important role in providing housing in and around the Parishes of Tudeley cum Capel and on the outskirts of Tonbridge for over 180 years. These houses, ranging from traditional Kentish tile hung farmhouses, to Victorian village cottages and 1930s houses, all contribute to the character of the area, its sense of place and community.

We have long standing experience in managing a range of properties, of varying sizes and tenures, to meet local need. Many people born and brought up in the area still live in Estate properties. We value our long-term tenant relationships and the contribution they make to the village community. We also welcome families who chose to settle in this part of Kent from elsewhere in the county and beyond.

The Estate runs an ongoing maintenance and repair programme, as well as refurbishing properties when they come back at the end of a tenancy. Refurbished houses are re-decorated in light, neutral colours, with attractive kitchens and bathrooms. All are offered to let unfurnished.

We’ve just finished refurbishing a beautiful listed 4-5 bedroom farmhouse which is available to let now. Currently there are no other vacancies on the Estate but if you are interested in renting in the area please contact us at the Estate Office and we will keep you updated on upcoming properties

The Hadlow Estate property maintenance
Barham House on The Hadlow Estate
Cottage in Hadlow
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