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Solar panels
Solar park in Paddock Wood

In 2014, in partnership with British Solar Renewables, we brought forward a 64-acre 18MW solar park, next to the Tonbridge-Paddock Wood railway. We’re proud to say that it now generates enough energy annually for over 5,000 homes in the local area, specifically Five Oak Green and Tudeley, and in the summer, during high production, in Tonbridge.

As well as providing much needed green energy locally, the park and its surroundings provide a home for wildlife thanks to new hedges, trees and wildflower margins.

We have installed solar photovoltaic panels on most of our farm buildings, so we run all our cold stores and our farm office on electricity generated from solar power during daylight hours – a substantial saving on operating costs. Any unused energy is exported back to the grid.

Salvia on the Hadlow Estate
Wildflowers on the Paddock Wood solar park
Bee pollinating flower on the Paddock Wood solar park
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